The Diane McClay Show: Empowering Life Through Choice: Choose Your People

The Diane McClay Show: Empowering Life Through Choice: Choose Your People

  01/22/2021  01:30 pm PDT

The Diane McClay Show: Empowering Life Through Choice: Choose Your People
Your Choices Matter!


Having a balanced, meaningful life its important, and who you spend time with makes all the difference in the world. 


Motivational Speaker Jim Rohn says “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with."


So why is it critical for women of all ages to 'Choose Their People'?   Creating, maintaining and re-establishing boundary-based, supportive relationships with friends and family helps all of us achieve our goals, ambitions, intentions, and desires.


In order to create personal sovereignty and allow ourselves to be empowered by our own authority it important to know what and who move us forward like water to the ocean, or what prevents us from living with freedom and authenticity. 


What happens when we allow others to to dictate or influence our purpose or our priorities?

What are the consequenses of holding back or gettting distracted from our mission?

When we are making choices, how do we know if they smart, strategice AND in alignment with our authentic self?


This episode of the Diane McClay Show- features how to build and maintain your confidence as you set boundaries for yourself and make decisions about who should be in your sphere of influence.


Learn how to check in, find clarity, and establish your own individual truth.  

Although my guest helps college aged women find and establish strenght in independence, mother's of college bound daughters can learn a lot about knowing their why, and setting personal boundaries with their time, energetic output, and expectations others have for them.

Tune in to see how you can support yourself and other women in your immediate circle with some simple  questions to realign yourself to your unique authenticity.






Episode giveaways:

  • Confidence Requires Clarity. Uncover Your Truth! 7 Cues to check in with your intuition and gain confidence! Learn how to find clarity within yourself, and better yet, how to remember to check in! There's no time like present.


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