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It is our goal to continue to spread positive messages in any way that we can. Here you will find out about upcoming events, amazing articles we've found on the web, who is new to the network, and any special offerings exclusive to our listeners! We hope you enjoy listening and browsing the tools and resources available.

If you have questions or comments, we LOVE to hear from you! Tell us how we are doing, share information and resources you think we need to have. We are an open door and encourage anyone and everyone to be involved.

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  • Premiere Show - BossUp Babe Radio Show with Karissa Adkins - March 9th
  • Premiere show March 10th - MY TURN Life Coaching with Rikki Schwartz: RECLAIM YOUR LIFE!
  • NEW DAY / TIME - SHADES OF SPIRIT - Wednesdays 5pm pt / 8pm et
  • The Sacred Grief Course 60-day Transformational Course - Jen Ripa of Thrivologie
  • New Show - Ascending With The Arcturians with Viviane Chauvet
  • TRACY L CLARK - ORDER NOW - GOD where are you? It's me!

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Special Offers For YOU!

  • Martine Emmons Transformational Coaching Services for Women

    Transformational Coaching Services for Women with Martine' Emmons

    Life is short. Too short to live anything less than your best life. Too short to NOT take action. You have had a glimpse of what is out there waiting for you and no longer want to feel limited by your past. Holding onto the grief, shame, and guilt that has developed due to the trauma you have ...

  • Inner Light Healing with Natasha Hornedo

    Inner Light Healing with Natasha Hornedo

    Be empowered. Be embodied. Natasha Hornedo Inner Light Healing seeks to empower those who have been disempowered through experienced Trauma in the emotional, mental, physical or spiritual realms through BodyMind Coaching, Massage, Movement and Bodywork. Trauma lives in the body and while we don'...

  • Clare-ity...brings confidence, creativity, and connection with Robin H Clare

    Robin H. Clare - Divine Destiny Sessions

    Are you ready to fulfill your Divine potential? By living in alignment with your Soul, you get to activate your Divine Rights to a life filled with love, peace, joy, and abundance. It sounds like the heaven on earth we have all been waiting for! Book your session Today!

  • Leighanne Champion Coaching - Champion Your Life!

    Leighanne Champion Coaching - Champion Your Life!

    Life can be challenging, and quick fixes are just a band-aid. If you’re looking for tools and personal support that will enable you to become the next best version of yourself, then you are ready. Reach out. Let’s do this! Book a Complimentary Session Today!

  • BossUp Babe with Karissa Adkins

    BossUp Babe with Karissa Adkins

    Ladies, it’s time… to raise our standards, unleash our healthiest self, and give ourselves permission to BossUp to the next level of brilliance! Becoming the best version of you isn’t going to happen overnight. However, with the right support, accountability, and a fiercely tender tough-love coa...

  • MY TURN Life Coaching with Rikki Schwartz: RECLAIM YOUR LIFE!

    MY TURN Life Coaching with Rikki Schwartz: RECLAIM YOUR LIFE!

    Strategic Life Coaching - Via Telephone or Video Conferencing. * Career Counseling * Couples-relationship coaching * Individual “what-now-woman?” coaching (for women who are at personal or professional cross-roads) * Pre-marital coaching

  • Suzanne Alexandria Healer & Coach

    Suzanne Alexandria Healer & Coach

    Schedule your FREE 15 min Discovery Call! Contact Suzanne for Individual Coaching, Soul Embodiment, Energy Activations & Angelic Guidance. Programs available: Personal Reiki Healing, Soul Embodiment & Intuition Awakening Program

  • shades of spirit services

    Shades of Spirit Services with Spiritwalker Nicole & Psychic Medium Jaime

    World-Renowned Psychic Mediums, Talk Radio Hosts and Spiritual Advisors, Jaime and Nicole will bring messages from the other side in love and light.

  • Thrivologie - Transcend Your Limits. Live Your Way. Jen Ripa

    Thrivologie - Transcend Your Limits. Live Your Way. Jen Ripa

    Essential Light Insight Deck ~ 61 oracle cards each holding a painting & message capturing the spirit of an essential oil illuminating the spiritual healing capacity of plants. Draw a card and Transform Your Day!

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What People Are Saying!

  • Listener 2015

    I used to be afraid and now I love. I feel like fear just cripples you and love frees you. Thank you so much for doing what you’re doing and changing me from fear to love and showing people that’s the only way. I love. I love. I love. I no longer fear. Thank you.

  • Caller 2014 The Jenn Royster Show

    Thank you.  Thank you and Dr. Pat I wanted to thank you, your show, and when you share your story it helps transform my life.  On this day I wanted to thank you by listening to your show. It helped me get out of really tragic circumstances.  So I just wanted to thank you all that you do. 

  • Caller 2014 The Dr. Pat Show

    I feel that every day I have to get a Dr. Pat fix and try to find you on the radio.  

  • Caller 2014

    So first of all congratulations for all of the things that you have created and for all the differences that you have made in so many peoples’ lives.  I love hearing your story because I know the impact you that have in the world.  So Mazel tov to you.

  • Caller 2012

    One thing I can say is that I am grateful for Dr.Pat. You are just this amazing light and example in the world. I don’t even know what I would do with my morning without you and I know a lot of people feel the same way.

Client Reviews!

  • Vicki Todd, Ed.D

    If you're wondering whether to host your own show on TTR - do it! I hosted Unstuck JOY without past radio experience and loved it. Dr. Pat worked with me to make sure my creative concept was on point. The producers pushed me past my creative boundaries in a nurturing manner that helped me grow and have more confidence. 

    Colette Marie Stefan

    "I have had the pleasure of working with Pat and her team for close to five years now and LOVE working with them! When I need technical expertise, regarding computer and marketing material and other complicated matters or just a strong shoulder to lean on or to have a good laugh, I know they have my back and I can rely on them for sound advice.They GET it! and (bonus) me and my dragons!"

  • Claudette Rowley

    The TTR family has helped me immeasurably through the launch of the Cultural Brilliance brand, development of a social media platform, and access to a whole new level of people and resources. They've opened the door to a new world that has allowed me to broadcast the heart and soul of my message out into the world. Best of all, they are an amazing group of people: genuine, caring, creative, integrous, and fun. They are "can do" people and I can't say enough about them. I am truly grateful and would highly recommend the TTR network. 

  • Dr. Brie Gibbs

    "I Came to TTR with a vision of sharing information that would help others to understand the ancient goddess wisdom for todays world. As time has gone on the we are raising the spiritual vibration with the help of TTR with their wisdom and knowledge also. I am so grateful for Dr. Pat and her team. TTR is a family of like-minded people."

  • Kelly Ballard

    "I had such an amazing time on Thursday - still feeling that rush and am so pleased with how things went! I can't wait to see where this adventure takes me, and I really appreciate everything you guys have done for me to get this show off and running. This entire process has been so seamless for me thanks to all the amazing people at TTR, you guys are truly pro's and I'm very grateful!" -Kelly Ballard, host of The Kelly Ballard Show

  • Katina Makris

    "Being a host on Transformation Talk Radio has been a truly life altering experience for me! I am now launched into a role where I interview the most prominent, intelligent, gifted authorities in the world, on all matters related to Lyme Disease, the epidemic illness of our era. To be sharing cutting edge information and inspiration is a gift. To have been positioned into the world of fame and sterling accomplishment is priceless. The entire team on the Dr. Pat Show network are remarkable, helpful, creative folks. I have felt supported, guided and treated with...

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