Guest Profile

Psychic Medium Jaime

Jaime is a psychic medium and has been interacting with Spirit since the age of 7. As a young girl, Jaime would communicate with Spirit in her own unique way which built the foundation for her future destiny. One of Jaime’s specialties is working with Spirits that have crossed over suddenly, unexpectedly, or under tragic circumstances. In addition to her mediumship skills, Jaime is a gifted healer and is a proud and practicing Reiki Master. Jaime has received formal training in Hypnosis and Shamanism techniques. Jaime is a firm believer in constantly expanding her skill set and makes it her personal mission to never stop learning. Jaime is a talented teacher and hosts many workshops and classes.

Shades of Spirit: Making Sacred Connections Bringing A Shade Of Spirit To You with Psychic Medium Jaime and "Spiritwalker" Nicole
Mondays 8am pt / 11am pt

Join us for our variety show where we talk about all things spirit related. We want to take the fear out of spirit communications and provide useful tips for developing your own psychic and healing abilities. We will discuss the art of manifesting through energy work and show you, the listeners, how to integrate these techniques into your everyday life. We will share how we navigate our lives while staying connected to spirit, all the while having fun in the process. Each week we explore different topics, welcome special guests, and connect with spirit.

About Nicole -
Spiritwalker Nicole is an Intuitive Channeling Medium and Shamanic Practitioner, her gift of communicating with the higher realms is breathtaking. Spiritwalker Nicole will connect you with your spirit team to bring you messages for your highest and best. We came here with a purpose, to follow our Soul’s Life Contract. Sometimes we forget we have a team to help guide us on this journey. Spiritwalker Nicole will help give you direction on your soul’s purpose in this life by working through your angels and spirit guides.