Guest Profile

Phillip Williams

For 23 years, Phil was an employee of Merrill Lynch & Co., now known as Bank of America, Merrill. The range of Phil's work experience has been in Corporate America as an operational leader with direct human resources accountabilities. His most recent position was Vice President, Regional Client Relationship Manager for the Pacific Northwest Region in San Francisco, CA. Phil is a highly skilled and accomplished Human Resources Business Partner, Consultant, Relationship Builder, and Advocate currently working with a mission-based organization. His prior executive experience working with senior management in Financial Services, Sales, and Operations of a Fortune 500 company has led Phil to change the paradigm of human resources from a cost center to a value-added group by aligning all HR efforts with the strategic objective mind. Phil is recognized for his meticulous interpersonal skills, engagement, and extensive human resources knowledge. 

Phil studied business and human resource management and development at the University of Phoenix and Villanova University in Phoenix, AZ., and Villanova, PA. He holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degrees in Human Resource Management and Development. Phil is currently a Ph.D. scholar at Northcentral University, San Diego, CA, and resides in the greater Atlanta, Georgia, area.