Guest Profile

Joseph Adams

Joseph’s understanding of ascension was catalyzed after 7 years of training in the art of lucid dreaming. He initiated an out of body experience during a meditation. In this experience, pressure released in his forehead and he was immersed in rhythmic indigo waves flowing through his body and from his head and crown. This event secured Joseph’s connection to an esoteric process that we are all participating in. Accessing the wisdom that emanates from this divine connection has been driving his mission to guide the collective in understanding our evolutionary process.


Joseph's goal is to shed light on the very specific dynamics that allow us to evolve.  This evolution is guided by the embodiment of love. The laws of love provide two ways in which we can ultimately ascend our consciousness. Bringing light to this truth helps polarize us and align us with our choice of service.  Are we here to serve ourselves or our we here to serve others? This is the choice that defines our progression and propels our quest towards the next level of harmonic consciousness.


Joseph specializes in leading conscious thought through the oftentimes formless concepts that propel our growth process.  Coming into harmony is no easy process, but Joseph has the ability to take formless metaphysical ideas and provide a rational linear process for understanding them. Once we understand the way something works, results can be attained more effectively. One of the most effective and necessary processes Joseph works with is the process of Integrating the Shadow.


Much of Joseph's work revolves around understanding what it takes to heal our past.  With each experience we have that takes us out of harmony, a small piece of our self is left behind.  Collecting these pieces back to the whole is how we find our total power. No piece of our history can be left behind when liberating ourselves from suffering.  Over time, the continuing effort to harmonize gives rise to our strengthened connection with our higher power. A calling for integration gives us connection to our true divine selves.