Guest Profile

Divine Celiane

President Biden made history when he nominated Dr. Rachel Levine to be the asst Secretary of Health. She is a transgender female. During the confirmation hearing, Dr. Levine expressed her love to serve others and help our great nation conquer some real challenges we face with addiction. Instead of the hearing questioning validity of professional qualifications to carry out the position, she was met with opposition to her gender and further fixated on gender choice.


Why attack another’s choice for their own preference? Why do we, as a society, partake in negative results of “group think” when as individuals we may not share these same opinions? Why did a desecration of our nation’s capital really happen? Why? Because many people don’t understand the power of loving one’s own spirit and trusting their own path. Many simply cannot imagine how loving yourself, can change the world!


My name is, Divine Celiane and I am a California teacher with credentials in English, Multiple Subject and an Education Specialist of 20 plus years. I am a University of California at Berkeley graduate in Social Welfare and Psychology and a master's candidate at St. Mary’s College of California for Special Education. Throughout my teaching career, I have witnessed all kinds of negative self-talk, negative personal scripts from my students. What was more alarming, but not surprising, how many parents did the same thing. These were learned behaviors from peers or from environment, society, and media. My aim and my goal is to help a person learn to love themselves one person at a time. In fact, the sad reality is mental health challenges and abuse are at an all-time high, especially among the youth and parents who have lost their jobs.


In fact, studies show, as recently as November 2020 from the Washington Post, that in federal study 40% of Americans have at least one mental illness or drug addiction; for youth it is 75%. We weren’t meant to be separated from each other but when we do have a chance to have some sort of community, we are not loving each other the way we should. You can only learn to love others by loving yourself. If people truly understood what love means, we wouldn’t abuse it so easily.


I developed my own self-awareness series, “Transformational Tantra: Love is the New Awakening”. In my series, I help people of all ages find and love their authentic spirit so that they can love and accept themselves and love others for who they are without excuses.


Talking Points:

1. Taking time to love oneself so you can be authentically present

2. Admitting, accepting and communicating how you really feel and making a plan to get rid of self sabotaging scripts and conditioning 3. Learning to recognize and understand the value in your spirit to appreciate the value in others

4. Through true self-love, love of your spirit and gratitude for your own life experiences, you can manifest the life you need and appreciate the experiences of others.

5. Tantra of Change – Applying all aspects of Transformational Tantra to transform one’s entire life – all rooted in Love


Through transforming your spirit you can transform the world one being at a time.