Guest Profile

Dhru Beeharilal

Dhru Beeharilal is an ICF-certified Business and Leadership Coach, and the founder of Nayan Leadership. A former prosecutor and IT consultant, Dhru’s approach to coaching is centred around Identity, combining positive psychology, somatic psychology, diversity and equity, and traditional coaching. This approach cuts across all contexts of coaching and incorporates the unique intersections of demographics that make up our identity, as well as how that identity impacts our leadership, our organizations, our relationships, and our overall fulfilment with our lives.


An aspiring Renaissance Man and serial entrepreneur himself, Dhru has a passion for small business and the entrepreneurial mindset, and when he's not working with clients, he loves to dabble in the creative arts with photography, graphic design, and music, and to travel and explore the boundless, terrifying freedom the world has to offer with his faithful K-9 companion, Hachi.