Guest Profile

Cristina Ramirez

Cristina Ramirez has spent the last 13 years helping moms and kids redefine what is possible for themselves, their families and their community.  This ex-Wall Street banker and Silicon Valley alumna (back when you had to dial up for internet), Cristina morphed into a preschool teacher as she became fascinated with her own boys development. From books to classroom to outdoor fields, Cristina developed her own process of empowerment called D>A>S>H. Developing Actionable Stories and Habits which she now uses to coach women to be confident mothers. Her growth mindset curriculum has been implemented across the country with thousands of children, and her work has been featured in, Huff Post Live, Miami Herald and more. And she has received national recognition including the 3M Positive Impact Award for her work. She lives in Taos, New Mexico with her husband, two teenage boys, 2 rescue dogs, 2 rescue cats and the occasional visiting elk.


From mental ward to mindset coach, how I redefined what’s possible. 

Cristina Ramirez helps women become confident mothers so they can parent without worry, anxiety, doubt or guilt.