Guest Profile

Angelia LaRue

Angelia LaRue is a Certified Master Crystologist and Energy Practitioner, Healer, Psychic, Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Psychic Surgeon, Manufacturer of Orgone Generators. She also has a small lab making Carbon 60 Oils.

Angie had a spontaneous awakening of consciousness on Dec 9th 2011 and her entire life radically altered after that. In time she learned that the onset of so many abilities was remembering which had been well used and developed over many lifetimes, including lives as a Crystal Acolyte, Priestess, Monk, Priest, Healer and other associated vocations. She now uses that recovered memory in a variety of ways related to health, well-being and the evolution of consciousness.

Through following the voice and nudges of her Higher Self and the Divine, she not only moved into her Life’s Purpose but has helped many others to do the same and get fired up about being alive on this planet