Mike Murphy Unfiltered: Unfettered, Unflinching, Unafraid: Love and Death with Dale Borglum

  03/14/2019  01:00 pm PDT

mike-murphy-unfiltered-mmu-dale-borglum-creation-frequency-unfiltered-.pngOur bodies and our minds die. In our heart lives the deathless.


Can our love prepare us for death and can the certainty of our death inspire us to open our hearts?


Surrender to the depths of the heart.  Connect to that within us which does not die, to that which we all share.


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Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy

NEW SHOW!Mike Murphy Unfiltered: Unflinching - Unfettered - UnafraidEvery Thursday 12pm - 2pm pacific / 3pm - 6pm eastern Mike Murphy explores truth that is authentic and r...

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Dale Borglum

Dale Borglum is the founder and Executive Director of Living/Dying Project. He is a pioneer in the conscious dying movement and has worked directly with thousand...

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