Forging A Life with Coach Christine Clark: Igniting Full Circle Success: Energe and Passion

Forging A Life with Coach Christine Clark: Igniting Full Circle Success: Energe and Passion

  05/28/2024  09:00 am PDT

Energy and PassionEvery business endeavor is an epic journey we take one step at a time.  Building any business, flying solo, requires work, focus, tenacity.  We thrive when our work lights us up.  However, that never guarantees smooth sailing.  Set backs and undesired outcomes are simply part of the deal. Living and learning through the heat and hammer blows is the way.

Dwana Bradley owner of the Iowa Urban Experience is a solo entrepreneur living through growth with passion and energy.  Looking at the big picture portrayed by network news media and the political landscape is demoralizing.  Bad news on the doorstep, every day. It can feel overwhelming.  We can feel isolated and frustrated.  In truth there are hundreds of thousands of individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses and organizations forging their unique destinies and lighting the way for others.  Leagues of people are filling the gaps, working for equity, diversity & inclusion and securing justice for the marginalized to create world healing transformation.  

In this episode we live the journey with Dwana leaning into the complex ideologies that can bring us together penetrating the hearts, minds, and souls of every individual.

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Christine Clark

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