Business Game Changers Radio with Sarah Westall: Landmark First Human Trial Begins – 100% Telomere Lengthening w/ Dr. Bill Andrews

  04/29/2019  12:00 pm PDT

Dr. Bill Andrews rejoins the program with his college Dr. Jeff Mathis, to discuss the first human telomere trial of it’s kind. The process is currently in pretrial stage and will start with it’s first patient within the next 30 to 60 days. This trial was able to take place due to advances in gene therapy and changes in U.S. legislation over the last 2 years. The focus of the trial will be to treat progressed Alzheimer’s in older patients with no other options. As a by product of the trial, doctors will also be able to observe the results of 100% telomere lengthening on other factors such as aging.


Sarah Westall

Sarah Westall

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