Limited to Liberated with Nicole Isler: You Are Not A Target For Narcissists And Toxic People - and the Actual Truth

  03/06/2019  03:00 pm PDT

Do you find yourself trying to justify how you feel or what you want and why you want it only to end up on the defense?

Are you constantly trying to explain why you feel the way you feel because someone makes you feel wrong for your own feelings?

Do you exhaust yourself trying to defend how you feel to what seems like everyone around you?

It’s time to stop defending, justifying and explaining yourself as if you have no right to your own feelings or what you want – and that’s exactly what we’re talking about on this week’s show.

Why this topic? Sensitives waste a ridiculous amount of time and energy living on the defense.

In addition, there are many people out there teaching techniques to protect yourself. They focus on how you’re a target for narcissists, how being sensitive is hard.

This type of behavior is learned, conditioned, and keeps you stuck in a loop of powerlessness. How will your big dreams come true with that kind of approach? (they don’t!)

It’s time to take back your power, be yourself and stop defending, explaining and justifying!

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Nicole Isler

Nicole Isler

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