Limited to Liberated with Nicole Isler: Spiritual BS That Creates Anti-Awakening

  01/02/2019  03:00 pm PDT

Ahhhh, spiritual growth. The process of awakening to your true self, that's where the inner peace is. Everyone wants it and they want it now!

But with all the information out there, so many people sharing their spiritual insight to lead, guide and help others - it can be overwhelming, confusing.

What's the right info? Who's the right spiritual leader to follow? And with so many enlightened souls, why are so many people staying stuck?

Fact - if you don't grow spiritually, you cannot step into your higher purpose.

But you're not here not to grow. You are here to awaken.

This show explains why you need to distinguish between what's your truth and the BS on your spiritual journey to help you move through the confusion and get real with your soul.


Nicole Isler

Nicole Isler

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